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Your car is broken and you urgently need a replacement to get to work? Or have you long dreamed of a convertible for the summer or a motorcycle for trips and vacation trips? Then Lite lender company helps you to find a cheap installment loan for buying a car. In a comparison, you find that the car financing of Lite lender company is often cheaper than the loan offer of the dealer. Make a non-binding loan request today and we will find the best car loan for you!

Free credit request With a net loan of $ 4,000 and a loan of 72 months, 2/3 of the new customers receive in advance. an eff. Interest rate pa of 7.9% or less (born debit rate 6.45% pa) Important: In your own interest, please do not make any further credit inquiries, as multiple inquiries (also from other providers) can lead to irritation and the blocking periods can be imposed by the banks in question.

Auto loans from Lite lender company – quick, easy, cheap

  • Loan contract drawn up by the professional on the situation
  • Free inquiry and processing with social responsibility
  • Rate suspension possible
  • Early repayment possible at any time
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  • Express payment by Postident online from Deutsche Post

Many car dealers offer auto finance when you buy a vehicle from them. In most cases, the dealers only work with a single bank. That is why the interest rates for car loans are often higher than for a personal loan with the purpose of buying a car. With the help of a loan calculator, you can calculate how much you can save on the various car loans. In addition, many retailers offer high discounts for cash payments. Here, too, you can save a lot of money as a car buyer and still get new winter tires or better equipment for your dream car.

Which car loan is right for me?

Which car loan is right for me?

Dealers, banks and other lenders offer several auto loans. The different loan offers have different effects on loan amount, installment amount and term. We will introduce you to the most important car loans and show you what to look for when applying for a loan.

These loan offers are available:

  • Car loan
  • Dealer financing
  • Balloon credit
  • Three way funding
  • leasing
  • Installment loan with cash payment

Car loan

With a car loan, the loan amount is used to buy a motor vehicle. The car is security for the loan. Lenders reward this protection with a particularly low interest rate. The credit rates are consistently high throughout the term. The vehicle registration document remains with the lending bank until the final installment. It is only handed over to the buyer after the car loan has been paid off.

Dealer financing

Most large automobile manufacturers have their own bank. The car banks belong to well-known manufacturers such as VW, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Opel, Toyota, Honda or Hyundai. Dealers can offer particularly cheap car loans via the car banks. The subsidies from the manufacturers give borrowers a particularly low interest rate on their car loans. In certain campaign periods there is even so-called zero percent financing. The buyer does not pay interest on the car loan, but only has to pay back the purchase price at a fixed monthly rate.

Balloon credit

When you finance your new car with a balloon loan, you pay low monthly installments, but a high final installment. Banks and car dealers offer balloon financing. The peculiarity of the loan agreement lies in the final installment, which can make up more than half of the loan amount. During the term of balloon financing, the borrowers must save the final installment or take care of follow-up financing in good time. In this case, the balloon loan is a form of three-way financing.

Three way funding

With three-way financing, you conclude a loan agreement with the dealer, which includes a low monthly rate and a high closing rate. You pay the agreed monthly installments until the end of the term. Then you have three options:

  1. Pay the final installment and use it to repay the car loan
  2. return the vehicle to the dealer and use it to redeem the loan
  3. take out an instant loan and pay the final installment in installments


Leasing is also known as a hire purchase. You rent the vehicle for the term of the loan agreement and pay a low monthly installment. In addition to the usual information on interest and payment dates, the loan agreements for leasing also contain certain conditions. This includes the maximum number of kilometers that you can drive in a year, or mandatory inspections. When the lease expires, you can either return the car or extend the contract, or buy the vehicle at a price agreed in the contract.

Installment loan with cash payment

You can take out a classic installment loan and have the money withdrawn. The dealer then treats you like a buyer who saved the money for the new car in a savings book, as a fixed deposit or as a daily deposit. You pay the purchase price in cash and can negotiate with the dealer about a high discount. Due to the reduced purchase price, the loan amounts are lower. This means that you either pay a low constant monthly rate or you can redeem the car loan more quickly.

Favorable annual interest rate for secured installment loans

Favorable annual interest rate for secured installment loans

If you compare the interest rate of a car loan and the interest rates of classic installment loans with a loan calculator, you will quickly find that the borrowing rate of a car loan is often lower. This is because lenders refer to auto loans as secured installment loans. Security is the financed vehicle itself. The car is transferred to the lender as security.

Assignment by way of security ensures low monthly installments

In the loan agreement, borrowers and lenders agree that the funded vehicle represents the security for the loan. The lender often requests that the vehicle registration document be given to him. This means that you cannot sell the car during the term of the car loan or use it as security for another loan. The lender will only send you the vehicle registration document once the installment loan has been repaid. In return, the interest rates for secured auto loans are considerably lower than for an unsecured installment loan. Low interest rates also mean a low credit rate!

Car loan application at Lite lender company – quickly and easily completed

Car loan application at Lite lender company - quickly and easily completed

With Lite lender company you can find out after a few clicks whether we can arrange a car loan for you. You only enter your desired amount in our credit form and tell us how much you can repay in the month. If you select on the second page of the loan application that it is a car purchase, we will look for the right car loan for you. The net loan amount can be between USD 4,000.00 and USD 60,000.00. Depending on the amount of the monthly installments, you will have to repay the car loan in 48 to 120 months. We provide you with a car loan at a current borrowing rate that is between 4.8% pa and 13.5% pa.

In the credit request, we ask you for some more information, such as your contact details and your income. If you want to apply for the car loan together with your partner or another person, you also enter the data of the second borrower. Both you and the second borrower must be of legal age. Immediately after sending the loan application, you will receive the access data for your personal customer login. There you can view the current status of your request at any time. If you are in a hurry to buy a car, we will also arrange an instant loan with a payment in 24 hours. You can also get a car loan without Credit bureau at Lite lender company.

Support even in difficult times

Support even in difficult times

Lite lender company supports you at all times in the search for the optimal car loan. Immediately after submitting the credit request, your personal advisor will take care of your concerns. If there are any questions, he will contact you directly and clarify any open issues with you. You can rely on the support of Lite lender company even in difficult times. Therefore, you should report immediately if there are difficulties with payment in installments due to unemployment or incapacity to work. Your personal contact person will also be happy to help you with questions about debt restructuring, special repayments and early repayment of loan amounts. You can reach us at any time by phone, letter or email.

What is a car loan?

What is a car loan?

With a classic car loan, you finance the car purchase via an installment loan. This can be a personal loan, small loan, instant loan or loan without Credit bureau. When filling out the loan application, you enter that you want to buy a car from the loan amount. Of course, you can also finance the purchase of a motorcycle or a motor home with a car loan.

The financed vehicle serves as security for the loan. The lending banks reward this security with a particularly low interest rate on car loans. Often, the lenders have the vehicle letter handed over and send it back to the lender at the end of the term. In addition to classic car loans, dealers also offer their own financing and special forms such as balloon financing, leasing or three-way financing.

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