Loan with temporary identity card.

What is provisinal ID?

What is provisinal ID?

The provisional ID card is always issued in Germany if, for example, the ID card was lost or a new application was made while the old ID card had expired. In Germany it is considered a fully-fledged identification document and is therefore also legally valid, but there may be some hurdles for the borrower in the case of a loan with a temporary identity card.

Because although the provisional ID card absolutely covers the identification requirement in Germany, not all banks necessarily accept it. As a rule, the problem is primarily of a technical nature, since the ID no. on the provisional ID card is shorter than that of a full ID card, which is why the necessary fields cannot then be completely filled out when applying for a loan. Here you may have to contact the bank directly, for example by phone or e-mail, for the loan with a temporary identity card in order to clear up the misunderstanding in advance.

The bank tends to be able to carry out a complete identity check with the provisional ID card, which is why a cancellation is very rare. This happens, but as already mentioned, it is often actually due to technical problems. If necessary, you can also identify yourself with a valid passport at the bank, which is also recognized in Germany as a full ID document.

Seek dialogue with the lender

Seek dialogue with the lender

Often, however, a rejection does not result solely from technical reasons, because many bank employees are not familiar with a provisional ID card and therefore have difficulty actually proving the identity of the borrower beyond any doubt. Since the provisional ID card is structured differently than a “correct” ID card, it should be clarified through a direct dialogue with the bank that the provisional ID card is actually a full document and fulfills all functions as well as a currently valid “normal” ID card.

The loan with a provisional identity card should not pose any problems after a clarifying discussion, if it does, the borrower should simply look around for another bank as the lender. A loan comparison can of course also be used for the loan with a provisional identity card, because ultimately there is no difference in the borrowing itself, just as little as in the conditions and the general interest burden of the loan.

As a result, if problems actually arise with the bank, borrowers can simply choose the next cheapest bank, which is often only a few euros higher in total costs than the cheapest direct bank.

The provisional ID card does not play any role in the evaluation of the creditworthiness, i.e. borrowers, regardless of the type of ID card, must still have sufficient income and, in the best case, an immaculate certificate. Then borrowing is not a problem, even if it is promoted with a provisional ID card. The Post-Ident procedure can also be used with a temporary ID card.

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